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Kenn Rey

Art is Life. I live on that phrase everyday. Seeing things differently is a lot more whimsical than understanding it literally. Art is everything. I am an art. We all are. Photography is my passion. But I live my life most doing graphic designs but I always find time to bond with my camera before the time leads itself to 00:00. I love writing. In fact I have few on my Facebook Account. If you want to see it you can find it in NOTE Portion. I uploaded few of my poems there. I have no idea what blogging really is until I found out that it is all about writing and sharing news and everything. BLOGGING IS ART IN A WRITTEN WAY. Since that time, there is no time that I never crave for blogging. But things is a bit different to start if you are lacking something that you really need. Fresh Eyes really never hurt. I met a stranger and he is more than a graphic designer and photographer. He is the "really-need" thing that is missing. Our interests met and we decided to create "pogledelve". And so here we are. Here I am. Delving things to share to you. :)

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