Life is incomplete without going up and down and we are one of those who sees beauty in everything as we loop around our lives.

We, named our site “pogledelve” simply because we are a “pogler” and a “delver” (underscoring “THE GOOD WAY” and will tell you why later. Our hobbies include digging the interesting things to burry the doldrums. We go places. Meet people and know their culture. Share our Culture and Knowledge so we could contribute good things.

We go places. We are not different from other people who loves to travel. We always see beauty in every place. Traveling is rest. Seeing the world’s wonders is priceless. It is incomparable. It is more than everything. It is a consolation after struggling so much of the weight of this mean universe. lol. So, through this blog we will share to you our travels, reviews and more for you also to have a bit of cravings.

We love to share our knowledge. Well, as a Photographer, Graphic Artist, Web Developer, Budget Traveler and a Naughty Neighbor, we encounter a lot of things and people as we fill our day every day, every time. Some give us more knowledge and some ask more knowledge from us. We are also an ordinary people living an ordinary life so we would love to share things we know to you about our passions and hobbies.

And, to synthesize… This blog provides a lot of things… More than more… Travels… Photography… Tutorials… Reviews… Videos… Experiences…  and More… Name it. you will have it.

This is a Blog and Vlog of us for all of you. We want to share not just our stories but also your stories.

P.S. We do not know much about cooking but we will also share Recipes here from people we know who cook so pro and those who cook like pro… lols…

We also always see Peace in every Chaos. Love in every Hate. Smiles in every sadness and Laughters in every cries. Life is too precious to stay at home and waste time sleeping and doing nothing. We make the most out of what we have. We are not rich but we know how to outreach.

Stay in touch and we will be like best friends If you want us to do something for you or if you have question/s about anything we know. Please bother to throw us a private message or you can freely post on our timeline anytime you want.

Pogledelve Team